Faculty of Education Development Goals

Faculty of Education Development Goals

1. Corporate Development

- Set up a corporate governance system based on good governance. Check Focus Participation in Tripartite Organization, Alumni, Current Discipline

- Create a network to develop the organization and strengthen the capabilities of the staff in the operation of information technology.

2. Research

- Support and promote the research of faculty members. By seeking funding for both internal and external research.

- Create a network of research partners. To develop research into the international level.

- Focus on innovative curriculum. learning and teaching Evaluation Research And publish it to the public.

3. Instructional Management

- Focus on the production of graduates with knowledge of moral merit. Enhance academic and professional skills.

- Provide student exchange for vocational and cultural learning with students in ASEAN countries.

- Increase the competency of students by teaching and learning. Project-based learning, Problem-based learning, and Brain-based learning.

- Development of knowledge. And the personality of the students with foreign languages. information technology And classroom research.

- Strengthen the moral system and values using empirical activities.

4. Faculty Development

- Focus on coordination. Collaboration between faculty and staff with a team-based approach.

- Promote the development of faculty and staff to carry out academic work, as well as internal training. External university

- To develop the talents of faculty and staff to have knowledge and ability in foreign languages. And information technology

- Focus on the development of faculty and personnel with the condition that the faculty be able to create academic innovations according to their aptitudes. And the staff can work to be a good example (best practice).

- Promote knowledge of morality, ethics, personality building for professional teacher help friends.

5. Foreign relations

Cooperate with universities in and outside the ASEAN Community. To enhance research development.

- Build relationships with universities in the ASEAN community for academic, research or academic services.

- Support for the exchange of language, culture, academic work with faculty and students in the ASEAN community.

6. Academic Services

- Provide a short-term and long-term academic service plan. Publish to the public both for free and for income.

- Focus on Academic Services provided by faculty research. And the knowledge building from the teaching experience.

- Focus on generating revenue from the production of academic texts and academic services.

7. The arts and culture.

- Continuing the cultural heritage of Suan Sunandha in the production of teachers to have professional knowledge. Blended with morality The values of Suan Sunandha

- To support the use of knowledge from the Royal Projects as both in-service and off-campus activities.

- Focus on providing knowledge base on local wisdom related to education for search of faculty, students, personnel and the general public.