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Application Certificate

ผู้ดูแลเว็บ คณะครุศาสตร์
2018-01-29 11:02:28

Proof of application and report to the training of professional knowledge standards.

1. A copy of ID card or passport (Passport)

2. A copy of proof of name change - name (if any)

3. Copy of Degree and transcript

4. A copy of the Certificate of Teachers' Professional Accreditation By comparison, transfer, testing or training.

5. In the case of training results for the academic year 2558-2559, please attach a copy of the certificate of knowledge. By training Or announce the results of the training with their own listings from the Teachers' Club website.

6. In case of successful completion of the Teacher Certificate Program, the Teachers Council of Thailand shall certify. You will need to obtain documentation for your training. Through the e-Service of the Secretariat of the Teachers Council of Thailand

Note: All documents must be certified true copy.

Link Download : หลักฐานการสมัคร.pdf